The Story Behind HIDA-YEAT

Originated in Borneo, HIDA-YEAT features a unique clothing collection (for men, plus-size men and women), scarfs, perfumes and accessories.
Taking its success beyond borders, the brand expanded its presence in Kuala Lumpur and was launched during the Malaysia Fashion Week 2018.
HIDA-YEAT’s ready-to-wear collections feature realistic motifs of nature on its fabric that are light and vacation-friendly while its perfumes capture the fresh notes of Borneo herbs and spices.
Discovering HIDA-YEAT is like wearing a piece of Borneo – where nature meets culture.

Design is my therapy.
Borneo is my identity.


The Designer

Born and raised in Sarawak, Neng Kho Razali is the Executive Director and Designer of HIDA-YEAT –
a Malaysian lifestyle brand inspired by the essence of Borneo. Keeping an open mind while staying true to her roots and values, Neng’s passion for design has taken her around the globe,
enabling her to embrace a diversity of cultures,
perspectives and inspirations.

Before her design career took off, Neng got her start competing in local beauty pageants and had won several titles from 1999 through 2005.
Since then, she was invited to be a judge in various beauty pageants, art events and dance competitions. She then embarked on her next journey when she sought to help cancer survivors achieve a positive mindset, determined to help them regain self-esteem as they transitioned back into their everyday lives. That is when she began crafting turbans and headwraps for them to wear, from her bedroom. Drawing on her rich heritage, Neng constantly creates original gender-neutral pieces that define a strong focus on tribal motifs. Little did she know, her unique approach appealed to discerning clients and has since garnered recognition in customising bespoke interiors
to private homes.

Having inspired many individuals to be proud of their roots, Neng has been featured on talk shows, radio shows, articles and social media channels. She was the Industry Advisor of Limkokwing Borneo and is currently the External Examiner of UNIMAS; both for Faculty of Art & Design.
Neng is also a certified traditional dance coach in Sarawak;
a dedicated professional who choreographs unique routines and hosts workshops during festivals. Making her mark on the industry, Neng is constantly invited to be the consultant to several fashion shows and art events. She has always believed that the best way to preserve culture is to keep it alive.